Past that joins the present. Present that becomes the future. All in one moment.

M1 LAB: Capturing Moments, Creating Eternity

Amidst the noise of the modern world, where attention scatters and fleeting moments fade into oblivion, emerges M1 LAB. The name itself, combining "Moment" and "One", reveals the profound mission of this brand: to give renewed meaning to every single instant, to every garment we embrace. M1 LAB aspires to celebrate the beauty of small moments and assert the value of clothing pieces as emblems of unique stories.


It all began with two restless souls, determined to wrest the transience from memories. These two individuals, driven by the fear of forgetting, captured photos of everything that struck them, jotting down thoughts that would allow them to relive those moments. From this, a WhatsApp group was born, where they shared and narrated the stories of these stolen moments in time.


But soon they realised that the value wasn't solely in the snapshot, but in the power to evoke emotions, to redeem the significance of what had passed, to weave a succession of moments that constituted a unique story. Thus, they embarked on a mission: to rescue antique garments, second-hand accessories, and vintage clothing, to bring back to life their stories and ensure that the tales of those garments became suspended moments in time.


A piece of clothing is not merely fabric and elegance; it's a living chronicle. A stain, a tear or a scratch recognises a precise moment. A moment when the garment came to life.


Past that joins the present. Present that becomes the future. All in one moment.

M1 LAB is not just a fashion brand, but a kaleidoscope of experiences. Our customers are artists, fashion enthusiasts, creative souls that embrace diversity. Our selection is meticulous; each piece is chosen with care, sanitised, and presented in all its splendour. Quality and exclusivity are our pillars, and our customer service is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our personality is a blend of refinement, charm, and glamour. The foundational colours, black and white, speak of power, elegance, and purity. Each piece has been selected to make the customer feel like royalty, enveloped in an unparalleled experience. We don't just offer clothing; we provide a bridge to the eternity of moments, without deceit or compromise.

In a world crowded with distractions, M1 LAB stands as a flame of awareness. We capture moments, we create eternity. With each garment we wear, with each story we embark upon, we journey toward a future where every instant is precious and every item of clothing is a narrative that will live forever.

Our Distinction: A Commitment to Excellence

M1 LAB sets itself apart from competitors through a unique and unwavering approach. We don't just follow trends; we seek to reinterpret the very concept of fashion. We don't settle for random purchases; we carefully curate each piece, ensuring the utmost quality and authenticity.


Our commitment doesn't end at the moment of purchase. Every garment undergoes meticulous sterilisation. Our commitment to cleanliness and well-being underscores our dedication to delivering a premium and worry-free experience, where every individual can truly enjoy the beauty and essence of our clothing without any reservations. Our attention to detail is unparalleled, and our customer service is a promise of guaranteed satisfaction.


Our mission goes beyond clothing. M1 LAB aims to revive a love for detail, authenticity, and the intertwined stories within each garment. Our ideal customers are souls hungry for style and individuality. Artists seeking inspiration, designers aiming to stand out, people who want to tell their own story. We don't limit ourselves to genres; we are inclusive, open, and ready to celebrate diversity.

An Invitation to Sophistication: Black and White


The foundational colours of our brand, black and white, are more than mere shades. They are representations of strength, elegance, and purity. Black evokes a sense of power, a refined presence, and the authority we convey through the quality of our pieces. White, on the other hand, speaks of freshness and simplicity, a refuge from modern-day overload.


Every piece from M1 LAB is an invitation to immerse oneself in a feeling of sophistication. Every detail hints at luxury and care. Our garments aren't just clothing; they are havens for those who appreciate life in its finest details.

The Future is Now, the Past is Here: M1 LAB


M1 LAB is a celebration of temporality. A call to seize the present and frame the past. The future isn't a distant promise; it's a present where every moment is a garment, and every garment is a moment. We move with passion and dedication, crafting stories through each piece we select and share.


Every time a customer wears a garment selected by M1 LAB, they connect to a unique narrative. The story of those who wore it before becomes a part of their own story. And so, a moment becomes eternal, a piece becomes a memory, and M1 LAB becomes the bridge between the past, present, and future.